The Zagreb Disabled Association (UIR Zagreb) is organizing a cultural and entertainment event titled "We Are Stars" at the Tresnjevka Culture Center (CeKaTe, Stari Tresnjevka Square 1, Zagreb) on Thursday, 22. December this year starting at 18 hours. This will be the last time in 2016. year anniversary of its 50 jubilation. anniversary.

An integral part of the cultural and entertainment program will be the concert and drama performances as well as the dance performances of members of UIR Zagreb, which will show part of the activities in which members actively participate throughout the year. The program will additionally enrich its performances with the guests: the folkloric folk of HSSD Sljeme Šestine and the residents of the Zagreb Orlovac Rehabilitation Center.

The event is free for all interested citizens, and will be hosted by a longtime associate and beloved friend of UIR Zagreb, Ana Tomašković, HRT director of 'Normal Life'.

'On a daily basis for a large number of disabled people we organize numerous and varied activities only the smallest part we will show on this occasion. The aim of such activities is to enable the widest possible number of disabled workers to develop and use their creative, artistic and intellectual potential to enrich their lives as well as the life of the community they make a significant part of themselves. At the same time, we help them in their socialization, as well as to strengthen the feeling of belonging to society on an equal basis and without any discrimination. ' said President of UIR Zagreb, Zlatko Bočkal.

Of the total number of invalids in the area of ​​the City of Zagreb and the County of Zagreb, after half a century of very active activity, UIR Zagreb collects them today around 24% (9.000). In the continuation of its existence, UIR Zagreb will continue to struggle to improve the quality of life of disabled people as well as all disabled people while providing numerous activities for the better quality of leisure time with the aim of reducing isolation in society and breaking prejudices and stereotypes o disabled people, but also disabled people in general, as useless.