This year, Advent in Zagreb for the first time included the Zoo of Zagreb. On this occasion, the Zagreb photographer Damir Hoyka made special photomontage. The Zagreb lions Toma and Uzuri, which are just about six months old, are thus placed in the heart of Admiral's Zagreb.

"Zagreb lizards are the stars of 2016. years! It's about incredible animals that have caused many positive emotions in humans, because, as lords have told me, lions are rarely steaming in zoos, "Hoyka said.

Behind Hoyke is a collaboration with the Zoo for eight years. As part of the Celebrity Fair project, the famous person associated with the inhabitants of Maksimir forest, and today he likes to connect the animals from the town sights.

"It all started from my idea of ​​bringing the animals to the city. Still as a little thought, these animals have been the inhabitants of our town for generations and it would be nice to place them on the streets and squares of the city. Anyone who does this kind of installation knows that such a project requires a lot of effort because there is a whole range of parameters to be met - from waiting for the animal and the position you want, over the light on buildings that need to be at a certain angle, to postproduction ... But when a man loves, and in my case is about double love - the photo and love of animals, nothing is difficult, "said Hoyka, whose two photojournalisms in the city, which was proclaimed for the second time at the best European advent destination, also printed as a jumbo poster, so I can see them in about twenty places in Zagreb.

hoyka-to-upper-zoo 2016_2-1

The photographer behind 30's years of work admits it's far harder to photograph animals than humans.
"Image animals are extremely demanding, but at the same time fun and exciting," Hoyka said, adding that the photographs from the zoo are an important part of every family photo album. He then discovered that he had photographed his own children a few days ago on the rebuilt Lavl Bridge from which he has pictures as a child.