17. In December, a concert of Austrian and Croatian musicians will be called "In Front of the Nail - Part 2" as a result of a four-day artistic residency. This concert continues on the project V: NM "ALPENGLOW - Styria meets Croatia", which is 2015. held in Graz. Austrian and Croatian musicians demonstrate their creativity through improvisation, using electronic elements, contemporary jazz and related expressions, and show what new music together means to play, improvis and listen to and understand each other. They are Se-Lien Chuang (piano, voice, live video processing), Miro Manojlović (vibraphone), Tena Novak Vincek (violin), Damir Prica Kafka (saxophone) and Andreas Weixler (guitar, live audio processing).

19. December, will be the concert promotion of the PEEK 3 album. They are a new name in a contemporary jazz scene, but band members are renowned for musicians who have been very active on the scene for years, some even for decades. These are Pavle Jovanovic on guitar, Ivan Roban Križić on double bass and Krunoslav Levačić on drums, and like PEEK 3 operate from 2015. years. Their semi-improvised music is definitely influenced by free jazz, free bump, funk and punch, and their first joint copyright release for Dallas Records and promoting a concert at The Teatro & TD. In their album, Saša Nestorović joined the tenor saxophone as a guest.

Both concerts will be held at the Semifrance Theater & TD Theater with free entrance.