A silent protest in memory of all victims of illegal loans and credit loans will be held on Saturday, 17. December in 17,00 hours in front of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, was reported by the association of the injured RBA Cooperative.

- This protest on candles and candles for all victims of illegal and unlawful RBA cooperative loans is to highlight the alarming situation and the difficult situation in which victims of credit and illegal institutions in Croatia are being abducted or already abducted, many of whom already they lost their lives or were severely affected, and the solution was not detected ...

This event is very important because it points to the democide that has been systematically for years over a nation that barely survives and leaves behind the victims ... Christmas comes, and behind many closed door tears of proud people, victims.

Come and help the public know all the agony and suffering that people are leaving behind politicians and are lamented by the system ....... in remembrance of all victims of armed and armed institutions authorized by the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the politicians, by not making the ....... - said Neno Koljaja, a representative of the injured RBA Cooperative.