Kozari putevi
Kozari putevi

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić, with his associates, opened a sports recreational center on Kozara Puteva on Thursday, two playgrounds and two dog parks, totaling more than seven million kuna.

Within the sports center, where there are basketball courts, handball, tennis court, bowling alley, table tennis and football field, public lighting is set up and the entire area is enclosed by a fence, asphalted access roads and parking places.

President GČ Peščenica - Žitnjak Dragan Vučić pointed out that the project was almost entirely financed by the City and thanked the City and Mayor for the realization of this project, which has great significance for more than 10 thousand inhabitants of two settlements, Kozari ankle and Kozari puteva.

By thanking residents for their patience, the mayor emphasized that he was happy and proud that this resort had been given a recreational center after long years of waiting and promised to continue with the arrangement or asphalting of all the streets where the municipal infrastructure, ie gas and sewage has passed.