The third wine & music tasting of wine and delicacies organized by Eno expert was held by 17. December 2016. in the European home.
In the advent of the Zagreb audience, their wines were presented by Citrus, Rogić, Raak, Voštinić - Klasnić, Agro Maleš, Tošić, PZ Masvin, Jokić, Sokač, Jakopic and Peršurić, Miklaužić and Slovene Istenič with sparkling wines. Also this time, the guests of the show were tasting the Agro Maleš drinig prosciutto and the fine cheeses of Paška sirane, while the enjoyment of the wines and delicacies was followed by the inspiration of the duo Small Change, made up of great musicians, singer Ana Lovrenčić and guitarist Eduard Jimmy Matešić.

The adventures in the advent of the spirit was Photo Corner. The organizers have invited Wine & Music visitors to take photos in the photo box and publish it with the hashtag #ZgWineMusic, and the author's most interesting photos are expected to win wine-winning prizes.

And this time it has been shown that such "mini-festivals" are full of hits because they come to the audience interested in the subject - they want to taste wine, talk to wine, learn something and try always something new, all in a relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment . Wine & Music Tasting provides them all. This is confirmed by the winemakers, which encourages the organizers to continue.

Ana Peršurić Palčić from the winery Peršurić, famous for sparkling wines Misal, who played for the first time at Wine & Music, said: "If we were the first time and really great. Fine, moderate, is affected by the term of maintenance. The audience was a little different than usual; I had the impression that people who wanted to try something new, and not "do" another wine fair, came here. The organization was great, the music was also very beautiful. I most like what was not unpleasant crowds and people could normally walk, taste and talk. We personally like these events, which are smaller. Same praise Eno experta on the organization! "

The Eno expert team, whose team consists of Miodrag Hruškar, Krešimir Hren and Jelena Puh Miloš, deals with winemaking consulting and education, and have started the Eno Expert Academy for over three years, divided into Vocational School and Specialized Programs. Among the audience, the most popular course is VinoLjubac, after which there are several courses available to students who are upgrading to the basic course.


Tim Eno Experta is already planning the following Wine & Music meetings with new themes, and in the meantime invite interested vine growers to apply for Eno Expert Academy and expand their wine culture or refinement. As in Advent Wine & Music, see the photo gallery: