Preblagdian times many, older and younger, are marked by throwing firecrackers and other "less harmful" explosives that are too loud enough to scare both humans and animals. So in Rudeš, the dog jumped from the fourth floor because the children in the surrounding area had been throwing firecrackers without ceasing. The examination found that the dog was not cleansed, and the nearest vet station did not want to help. Dumovec also refused to take on the reason that the dog had an owner, and he did not want to receive it at the Veterinary Faculty on the grounds that the dog was not cleansed and thus caused the outpatient to be in danger.

While the veterinarians had fluttered with the dog who had suffered terrible pains, Gloria Malin, a girl who devoted her life to helping those of whom most people turn their heads-abandoned and injured, came to the aid.

"Dog is stationed at Kreszinger clinic. It will now be chipped to my name. It has a bowel in three places, a bladder injury, a poorly bleached lung, a tongue and gum injury. You got painkillers, infusions, and under supervision you're out of danger.
Throughout the night his blood was drawn from the bladder, all the bladder was all over, only the mucous membrane was badly damaged. He retreated during the night and refused to eat, but for the time being he is stable. Costs have so far been a minimum of 1,200 kn, and I believe that each day will cost new. It would be nice if anyone can, at this holiday season, give up at least one coffee so that we all get together to treat this unhappy creature, "says Gloria.


If you can and want to help Gloria to collect money to treat a severely injured dog, you can do so by paying to your account:

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Every account, as well as the payment, will be announced by Gloria, publicly announced on her Facebook page

The owner of the dog was anonymous to Glory. He argues that Medo is a foster family member who loves spending more time outdoors and so he jumped from the balcony when she was not in the apartment. He obviously can not / does not want to worry about Honey, but that's Gloria who visits him regularly at the Kreszinger clinic, otherwise known by owners who are big animal fans and who Medi will provide the best possible care.