Multitalented American musician and artist Marissa Nadler will perform at the 19 Culture Factory. December Wonderful Fantastic Vocal Marissa Nadler in her music skillfully combines influences ranging from country and folk over American to black and black. This unique artist in his fifteen-year career has released seven official albums, two EPs and a bunch of singles and unofficial releases, making love of independent scenes and media.


Urban & 4 will perform in Culture Factory for two days on Thursday, 22. and Friday 23. December Urban double pre-Christmas concerts in Zagreb are the habit of which our most impressive live band returns after a couple of season breaks. In the meantime, they were "busy" by winning the House of Sports, which was recorded on a double live album and the promotion of the studio album "Mamut". Damir Urban's Culture Factory will bring two different marathon performances filled with the greatest and most significant songs of complete career, from Laufer to Fourth.