On Tuesday, 20. December at 18 Hours The movie club Tuškanac for the members of the film program released the "1971 Traveling to the Crash site". directed by Zvonimir Berković.

Modernistic psychological drama from the modern life of a woman accidentally reported by a car accident reports that her husband had been injured, but she was convinced that she fell in love with her "before the first glance". The only feature of Berkovic's feature film in which the active protagonist of the woman is the "Cruise to the Incident", conceived as a subtle analysis of the eternal theme of the eros and thatatate relationship. The young protagonist Jelena in the brilliant interpretation of Ane Karić, influenced by "accidental acquaintance" Vlatka, who is excelled by Rade Šerbedžija, begins to re-examine her mostly unhappy life, with Vlatko's relationship as well as her former husband's encounter with the usual authoritarian Steve Žigon father who plays Emil Kutijaro is on its way to her final accident, identical to her late mother. The quest for love and happiness is a highly supposedly directed and meaningless film, and the success of the film is also contributed by the excellent music of Alfi Kabilja, who was just a debut feature feature film.