In front of 23. December, or a new concert show in Vintage Industrial Bar that will be held under the 'Blue Moon Christmas Party' program, the Greaseballs group has released a new video that tracks another single 'Baj, Baj, Baj' downloaded from their recently released 'Greaseballs' .
'Baj, Baj, Baj' is, in fact, the collaboration of old friends, Greaseball and Kawasaki 3p because the song is duet of Vjerana and Tomfe. The video, as well as 'Old Train', was directed by Mario Borščak, and music, text and production are signed by Davor Viduka. The video was recorded with 5. 11. 2016. at the concert promotion of the album at Vintage Industrial Bar.
Greaseballs thank Gojko Tomljanovic for the keyboard and Mari Boccic on the baritone saxophone.
Almost all of the songs from the album 'Greaseballs' came about a quarter of a century ago when guitarist Davor Viduka wrote them as an 16-year-old, and when Greaeballs fired and burned at Zagreb's Kulušić club.