Milan Bandic, Mayor of the City of Zagreb

Zagreb citizens will receive two gifts on Tuesday, Mayor Milan Bandic said at a traditional press conference held the day before the City Assembly session. The first is free skiing for the first day of the new ski season at Sljeme, and the second is the city budget for 2017. It was so (accidental or intentional) that the Budget would still pass, though it did not initially want to say if such or a different scenario would be expected at tomorrow's session.

He also affirms the same for portal and a source close to the ruling structures in HDZ, and recalls that President Andrej Plenković recently told the leader of the Zagreb organization Andrija Mikulic, and not in a friendly tone, that there is no reason for Bandic's budget not to be supported , that is, that there is no reason to challenge the crisis in the capital, as this could, in the end, have a negative impact on the entire country.

In support of this, the accepted and accepted amendments, included in the Budget Proposal, are "heavy" 200 million kuna, which is why it amounts to exactly seven and a half billion kuna (without budget users). Most of the accepted proposals from these amendments came from the HDZ (180 million kuna). Like last year, Mikulic will have "arguments" why he still decided to support the Budget. Let us remember, last year the same amendments ruled that the HDZ would support Bandic's then Budget, said the head of the HDZ, denying at the same time the writings that they supported him only because Bandic's parliamentary deputies voted for the then HDZ and MOST HDZ's Oreskovic Government, in the end, they barely managed to skip.

The great news of this year's budget is the so-called local self-government reform. As well as the city councils and local councils will be easier and quicker to begin the necessary reconstruction of neighborhood roads and similar minor works, they will have more money available - unlike this year's 200, millions of millions will have an incredible 780 million kuna or 18 percent next year of the entire Budget.

Part of this money "will go" for the remuneration of the president and council members and local committees, which would be from 2017. should be almost twice as big. Opponents have already called this raising fee by buying HDZ's hands for the Budget because it is precisely from that party that there are a lot of those who will increase the remuneration fee.

But as we learn, the order is new and new employment in the Zagreb Holding, again HDZ's - and this again in the form of counter-service for tomorrow's HDZ hands for the Budget. Of course, we have not been able to find out about it, but it is to be expected that new employment will begin as soon as the budget is adopted tomorrow.

The opposition, however, remains with it - for Bandic's Budget does not think to raise his hand. No, they say, nothing has changed since the last reading of the first day of December.

- Zagreb's HNS tomorrow will vote against the Budget as we announced in the first reading twenty days ago. This proposed budget is a continuation of the bad politics of Milan Bandic and his city administration, a policy that manages year after year to not realize the planned and promised projects. We never supported this policy, though, we want to change it as soon as possible. After all, this Budget is solely the election budget of Milan Bandic for local elections and it makes no sense to argue at all that something concrete and high quality can be achieved with it. Campaign Mr. Bandic must not pay the citizens of the City of Zagreb - told HNS Assembly Representative Tomislav Stojak.

They are similar in the SDP in Zagreb. The budget does not think to support because, they say, Bandic's policy is detrimental to the City of Zagreb.

- We consider that Bandic's policy is damaging because it makes decisions that are contrary to the wishes, interests and needs of citizens. All those who raise their hands for the Budget support the lack of transparency, scorn and lack of vision of the leading people of the current city administration. The majority of citizens are in favor of changes and they will happen next year - the SDP deputy in the Assembly said Dominik Etlinger.

In the end, Bandic promised, and that the construction of the new sljeme ski lift will be started soon, as early as next year. This is one of his priorities, he said, but not pre-election. It will be found in the Budget and for this capital project of money so that the first phase, the arrangement of the tram line Mihaljevac-Dolje, can begin already. Thereafter, the demolition of the old lifts, the construction of the main building and the starting station of the lifts at the Downhill, construction of the new lifts to its former station, and finally construction up to Vidikovac, followed.