Police Officers IV. Police stations in Zagreb have completed criminal investigation of the 24 anniversary due to the suspicion that he has committed the criminal offense of Threats and two criminal offenses of heavy theft of theft.

Crime research found it suspected on Sunday, 18. December around midnight, in Zagreb, Čemernička Street, in the family home threatened 21 year-olds by killing. It is also suspected to be between 17. and 18. November this year, he came to the address on Ščitarjevska Street, broke and stuffed things in the house and alienated the backpack and left the items for the commission of the criminal offense next to the bed in the bedroom.

Furthermore, it is 17. December around 4.30 hours, broke into homes in Resnik where he devoured dozens of cured meat products and various tools, and when one of the house owners saw it, he left the suspect part of the cured meat product on his own and fled. The damage done by these criminal offenses amounts to around 5.300 kuna. After the completion of the criminal investigation, the suspect was handed over to the detention supervisor, and in particular the report was delivered to the competent state prosecutor's office.