Police Officers of PP Dugo Selo completed criminal investigation of the 36 anniversary due to the established suspicion of having committed a criminal offense of threatening and damaging someone else's property at the expense of 59-year-olds, a criminal offense of endangering life and property by means of a dangerous act or means at the expense of 59-year-olds and the 31 anniversary, the criminal offense of Illegal Manufacturing and Drug Trafficking, and the criminal offense of Unauthorized Ownership, Production and Procurement of Weapons and Explosive Substances, while 28's Annual Perpetrator has committed a criminal offense of Illegal Production and Drug Trafficking.

During the criminal investigation, it was established that 36 was the Sunday, 18. December around the 1 clock in Hrebinac, Hrebinečka road came into verbal conflict with the 59 anniversary, after which he entered the car's Opel Vectra Zagreb car registrar and when the 59-year-old entered his personal Mercedes car, also Zagreb's registration stamps, intending to leave home, the 36-year-old had hit the front of the car several times on the back of the Mercedes. Then he was physically in conflict with the 31 year-old and the 27-year-old who had hit him several times, after which the 36 year-old went back to his vehicle, threatening to go home by gun and kill the 59-year-old, drove from the venue .

Shortly thereafter, the 36-year-old entered the unmarked yard of the 59 family home with a vehicle and hit the back of the parked Mercedes without anybody, and then with the Mausser brand gun in his hand came out of his vehicle and headed for the entrance doors that were closed and locked with a threatening killing of 59-year-olds and fired a shot in the direction of the Mercedes from the gun, leaving the 31-year-old and the 27-year-old out of the house and again clash with him and when they arrived at the scene police officers, the suspect escaped from the venue, but was soon found and taken to official premises for criminal investigation.

By searching under a court order, police officers found technical equipment for unauthorized breeding and production of marijuana at the place of residence of the 36-year-old, and it is suspected that the 28-year-old participated in the assembly of equipment and the breeding of marijuana whose four stems were also found at the 36- olds. After the completed criminal investigation, the suspect 36-year-old and the 28-year-old were handed over to the detention supervisor, and the police officer's report was submitted to the relevant state attorney's office.