On Sunday, 1. January 2017. on the Second Program of Croatian Television (HRT - HTV 2) and on the Second Program of Croatian Radio (HRT - HR 2) and by means of the multimedia service HRTi from 19 will directly from the Croatian National Theater (HNK) transmit the traditional New Year 's Concert of the Tamburaški orkestra Hrvatske radiotelevizije Valcer , poles and other spells. Under the guidance of Siniša Leopold's master, spectators and listeners will enjoy great performances by Renata Sabljak, the soprano of Marija Kuhar - Šoša, Vande Winter, Đani Stipanicev, Damir Kedz and top instrumentalists Elvis Stanić, Igor Geržine and many others.

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The most popular Croatian drummers will perform popular festive works, along with unavoidable waltzes and poles, as well as other spells, which also sounds great in tambourines. Some of the works include concert waltzes on the shore of the Sava, a masterpiece for the maestro, Čingi lingi polka, arias Mein herr Marquis from the operetta bat, when the hands join, scoop couches, pigeons, still tonight, saonika and many other beautiful compositions.

-In each of our New Year's Concerts, we unite the tradition with contemporary musical expressions. In addition to numerous tamburitza vragolies, we will be honored by vocal and instrumental soloists of the most diverse musical affinities. I am particularly delighted that along with the aforementioned guests will be the young brilliant tambourine Marko Martinović, who this year represented Croatia on the Eurovision of young musicians, and the prominent tandem Tihomir Hojsak and Filip Novosel is already well known to our and world public, says maestro Siniša Leopold.

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The intention of the Croatian Radio Television Tamburitza Orchestra is to present a rich and varied program from its archive at fourteen times in a row.

- In the Croatian music heritage there are a number of valuable works by famous composers and poets: walkthroughs, polka, waltzes, instrumental and vocal-instrumental versions in a joyful new year's mood - and all this will be presented in our way - with the Tamburaški orkestar Hrvatske radiotelevizije, adds maestro Siniša Leopold.

In Osijek, there was 1847. orchestral music at the drum started, and this year at the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb, the Module of the Tamburitza was inaugurated, in which the most popular traditional instrument will be perfected as a solo instrument of the still unimaginable possibilities.

The Tamburitza Orchestra of the Croatian Radio-Television on the development of the tambourine is certainly a prominent place, and the musicians of this renowned ensemble have long been promoting the most diverse music genres, which will be repeated with 1. January at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb.

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-I'm sure the audience, as every year, will enjoy the unusual performances we have prepared. Although most people are the first day in the new year unreasonable and glamorous, the whole orchestra of the day is ready and in the mood for the greatest artistic challenges. With our faithful audience in each new year we want to entertain with good music and smile on our face, says maestro Siniša Leopold.

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Apart from direct broadcasting on the Second Radio Television Program (HRT - HTV 2), the concert will be able to live live on HRT - HRT - HRT - HRT - HRT.

Producer of the concert is Neven Domljan, director Miljenko Bukovčan, editor of Wanted Klašterka, and director Ljiljana Vinković.