British company Global Series Network has redeemed the license for the Croatian drama series "They started in peace" for the United Kingdom market. The Global Series Network is an exclusive partner of the well-known British public service Channel Four, with which they launched an exclusive and unique drama program called Walter presents. The successful launch of the domestic TV series "Rest in peace" on the British market is the result of the increased efforts of the Croatian Radio Television Sales and Marketing Department to deliver the best domestic content on the international market and make it available to a wide range of television viewers around the world.


The series "They started in peace" was created as a result of the successful cooperation of Croatian Radio and Television and independent production company Ring Productions directed by Goran Rukavina, Kristijan Milic and Goran Dukic. Over the series, more than 250 top performers lead by continuous characters interpreted by Judith Franković and Dragan Despot.


-The project is being launched by Walter Presents to present the best drama series around the world and we are proud and happy that we have purchased the Drama Series Broadcasting License Begin in Peace, our first Croatian series. I hope that this drama series will be one of many of the future business successes of Croatian Radio and Television in the overseas market, the drama editor and one of Walter Presents Walter Iuzzolino's project designers said.


The television series "They started in peace" became the first Croatian drama series shown in Western Europe after the Belgian public media service Vlaamse Radio en Televisieomroeporganisatie (VRT) was redeemed last year. During 2017. It will also become the first Croatian television series to be screened on the big British market, from which we have imported the best drama series for years.