At the end of the year another construction season is approaching. Good weather conditions enabled work to take place in December, so that they would be completed on time and in good quality.

For the sake of greater safety of citizens, a new pedestrian and cycling path was built in Wirges Street, with the addition of a new LED lighting that will save energy and give a more modern look to this part of the city.

Works on Dalmatinska Street have also been completed, and other than road construction, new hiking trails and a parking lot were also built.


The new Matica of the Emperor's Street leads to Bobovica, while the spring is planning to build a circular course on entering the settlement.

And Galgovo got a new road in the center of the settlement, Bogovićeva street, and a new hiking trail was built in the neighboring Molvice.

In December, the construction of a social home in Javork was completed at the local council of Grdanjci, and in Velika Jazbina works were carried out on the extension of the road section.

With the aim of further development of the urban area, the City of Samobor started to build a traffic network near Ulica Ise Velikanović and Mirnovečki ulica, in the so-called Gmajni. The works included the construction of water supply and sewerage and the construction of roads.
The construction of the traffic network will give added value to this building zone, which is fully connected with the center of the city, and nearby there are schools, kindergartens and numerous new facilities in the area of ​​the former barracks.
The roads will be asphalted and will be fully completed when all necessary connections are made.


This winter will be easier for residents of Žumberak to travel through a new bridge in the Kršlin settlement that was damaged during the elemental disaster in June this year.

Papers continue in the spring.