Milan Bandic

In the City Assembly, the Zagreb Budget for 2017 was accepted. year "heavy" seven billion and 500 million kuna without budget users, with them nine billion and 300 million. From 51, 29, they voted for Budget, and 22 against.

Members of the Club of Milan Bandic and HSS and the Club of HDZ, HSP AS and BUZ voted for him. The SDP, HNS, HSLS, HSU and two independent MPs - Sandra Švaljek and Vladimir Ferdelji - were against.

The uncertainty almost did not exist, as it was a few days after the 1 session. December knew that the Budget would still pass or that the HDZ would support it, and despite the announcement of the first HDZ Andrija Mikulić in order to support him and his deputies could be absent.

They finally judged 200 million kuna and Bandic accepted the amendments, and in reality, the president of the HDZ ruled Andrej Plenković who forbade Mikulić the unreasonable and selfishly demolishing of Bandic.

Additional 30 million for the Sljeme cable car

Of the proposed paragraphs in the amendments, we are adding additional 30 million for the Sljeme cableway (with the already existing 19 million proposed by Bandic), 20 million for the beginning of the rotor construction in Remetinac, 15 million for the extension of Branimirova to Sesveta, 10 million for the construction of Franjo Tuđman Square 10 millions for modernizing and equipping city markets.

In the following year, Zagreb will fly quietly, and perhaps even better, the city representatives commented on the developments at the last session of the Assembly this year. Local elections were scheduled for five months, so it was not helpful to demolish the Budget, and eventually Bandic.

The first Budget Rebalance, if not earlier, we will have in June - after the election. Whoever wins in the elections will surely make a redistribution of budget funds. If Bandic wins, it is to be expected that the execution of some of the promises promised by the HDZ will be postponed for "better times," and if he win somebody else, he will have to make a budget for his own. So after a winter dunk we expect a real spring storm.