Proposal for the Zagreb Budget for 2017. amounts to 7,5 billions of kunas and for 200 million kuna is higher than the proposal that was read at the session of the 1 Municipal Assembly. December, but most votes of MPs were not accepted, Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic announced on Monday.

In the final proposal of the budget, HDZ amendments were accepted, so Bandic said it was their common budget, thus suggesting that the budget would still receive support from HDZ deputies at the 20 City Assembly session scheduled for Tuesday. December

"We have evaluated a budget that is no longer 7,3 billion, than 7,5 billion, which means that we will have to work more and fill the budget to make up for these 2,7 percent increase," Bandic said at a press conference at City Hall.

Head of the City Finance Office Slavko Kojić pointed out that they met virtually all the demands and amendments of the HDZ. Following the guidelines of the Government's Economic and Fiscal Policy for 2017, which were adopted in a relatively short period of time, prerequisites for extending the scope of the budget were created, Kojić said.

At the first budget proposal, a total of 14 amendments were submitted, of which some 200 million was accepted, or approximately 5,6 million, while about HRK XNUMX was rejected, Kojić said.

Most of the amendments were filed by the HDZ-HSP AS-BUZ City Club of Representatives, and part of the SDP amendment, city councilor Darko Katuša, Youth Council etc.

-We think that we have approached this with an acceptable solution that will allow us to enter the next year with projects of particular importance to Zagreb, such as Sljeme lift, renovation of multi-storey building facades, land acquisition and project documentation for extension Branimirova, construction of Rotor Remetinec, halls in the Granešina Elementary School and the like, Kojić pointed out, reports