During the holiday season, Pločnik organizes numerous events. The music lovers club is located in Međimurje Street 21, near the Western Station and extends to as many as 220 meters square. Below you will read what they have prepared:

Sweet 30 with Bubija and Mačića

207 aka Bubi is a circular and as such celebrates its round 30. On that occasion, they will turn their hands on the table with a sensuous kitten known as Yesh to celebrate its birthday. You are all invited to quit and kiss Bubija, and neither the kitten, as a collateral victim of kisses, will not complain. 207 aka Bubi & Yesh aka Mačić runs garage and sensual dnb.

22.12.2016, 22-2, input is free.

The new Stiskavac with the music for a good genius
After the premiere that was delighted, the second edition of the new program in Pločnik, with an attempt to fill in the gaps and meet the wishes, was once very popular - you "feel" dancing. Stiskavac - a relaxed variant of an evening that celebrates love, endangering female and male grief when it is missing or unresponsive. The MUSIC FOR DOBAR ĐIR is in charge of the selection of this release.

Myself, a team and a good drop

Organizers are pleased to invite you to spend a holiday weekend in their creative-conceptual living room. In a relaxed and positive atmosphere, with good music and tantrum, you would like to see you as much as you smile, though it is still the family in the first place. Pločnik hosts are responsible for music selection. You will not find any pine or pineapple with them, but you may suffer from insomnia.

24.12. in 17 to 26.12. in 2 hours. Free entrance is guaranteed by Smješko Bjelić.

Weightlifting Jamaica: Penkejk edišn

The organizers invite you to the even less solemn, second opening of the new live entertainment program. As they emphasize, there is no concept, but there are the most expensive dentists, porn stars, bees selling fish on peasants, squirrels, diarrhea, spanking, people who are not special, people who are very special and those five or six hipsters going to everything. The second edition gives you even more dressmakers: Francois Guilivaraes, Bicuška Harašo, Ole Ale Jakesen, Johan Van Der Rekke from Belgium, Mirko and Slavko, some Djurian fellow and some other team to keep up to date. Take Nutelu or Linolad (no joke) because it will be pancakes and we will get them started. Live, fuck, women thrill!

27.¸12., From 22 to 2 hours, the entry is free.

Jungle Bells

Between Christmas and New Year there was another hilarity in Pločnik, as well as in these holiday days. The first edition of the Jungle Bells evening is set for 29. December, and guests from Slovenia arrive WG My Hell Jackson from the Vibe Department Official team. WG My Hell Jackson has been releasing music for 12 years, and has started with a jungle ray and drum and bass, and later appeared in other break-beating genres. For a long time he has worked and promoted parties with the Gipsy Jungle team, and has been part of the Vibe Department for six years now. In Pločnik he will spin some ragga jungle and dum and basso from his collection of plates and CDs. With a lazy lion, the host of Jin San will be with him through the jungle. Bananas, anacondas, apes are guaranteed. Weather forecast says a small chance for tropical rain. Welcome to ho ho ho junglu!

Thursday 29.12., From 22 to 02 hours, free entry

Marmelade / 100% vinyl

Marmelade is a project launched by Mayix (aka Zmayo, Pistolero Recordings) and Vrx (Digitron Soundsystem) because of the chronic lack of time to listen to the panels from their collections. In addition to basically dub / reggae (Vrx) and psy / tech / breaks (Mayix) on Digitron Soundsystem or Pistolero Rec label, Marmelades are releasing the panels and, together with the audience, listening to the vibrant cocktail crowd of music genres and styles exclusively from vinyl, and impossible combinations

Start on Friday, 30.12., From 22 to 02 hours.