Last night at the CineStar multiplex in Zagreb's Branimir Center, the premier premier of the most anticipated film 2017 was held. - Goran, directed by Nevija Marasović. Judge Franković, Sanja Vejnović, Senka Bulić, Ana Maras Harmander, Nela Kocsis, Iva Mihalić, Bojan Glavašević, Tijana Pečenić, Lana Gojak, Mario Petreković and Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia have not missed a number of people from the public and social life of Croatia , Lana Barić, Miran Kurspahic, Nina Mica Čikeš, Mia Biondić, Nera Stipičević, Robert Zuber, Hrvoje Klobučar, Ana-Marija Percaić, Amar and Alma Bukvić, Anamarija Vrdoljak and many others.

The action of this psychological drama takes place in Gorski kotar. 'Goran' is a story about life and the consequences our actions can have. The script for this psychological drama is signed by a talented Norwegian writer and writer Gjermund Gisvold, who together with the director has created a unique action, where the snow covered Gorski kotar is of crucial importance for the film's performance as well as for character character development itself. A film that proves that sometimes good news does not bring any good, produced by Antitalent and distribution of Blitza with a screening film across Croatia, runs 22. December 2016. years.

Due to the huge interest of the public, Blitz decided to embark on a screening in December, from its initial scheduled launch in January. The film crew, led by director Nevas Marasovic and Germanwoman Gisvold, and actors Franjo Dijak, Nataša Janjić, Jankom Popović Volarić, Goran Bogdan, Filip Križan and Milan Štrljić presented themselves to the full cinema hall and received a tremendous ovation and a multi-lingual applause of the audience .


This is not a Christmas movie, but a great acting show and a movie action that will bring you to the cinema seat, it is a great invitation to go to the nearest cinema and see why this movie is called Fargo.
The seemingly idyllic atmosphere in Gorski Kotar turns into a nightmare, and seven lives are irretrievably destroyed. The title, the main male role, is played by one of the most talented Croatian actors, Franjo Dijak, who for all his life predicted a fast for a blind wife, embodied by Nataša Janjić, who was the most prominent film career in the film. In the first part of the movie, every action, reaction, and attitude by the characters will confuse the viewer and cause a slight malaise. The story was deliberately constructed in the beginning. It then gradually develops in the second part of the film, revealing a mysterious puzzle.

Nevio Marasović, one of the most appreciated regional directors of the younger generation, said:

-I am writing this scenario with Gjermund Gisvold, I had a clear vision - I want to make a pure Scandinavian drama that will also work perfectly well as a Croatian movie with Croatian actors. In short, we have teamed up with creative forces from our different platforms and mentalities, distinguished the best of both worlds to get a new, unique movie world in which these elements harmoniously complement one another. And I firmly believe that we succeeded in that we managed to create a Croatian film with a strong dramatic Scandinavian stamp. The action takes place in Croatia, in the mountainous region of Gorski kotar, also called "Little Switzerland". The beauty of the snowy landscape and its calmness and desert breeze reflect the inner state of the characters and become the key form of expression. We have combined static and poetic with fast and dynamic personnel to achieve an unusual mix that seems to be all normal and realistic, but at the same time completely opposite. Hyperrealism meets David Lynch. Gorski kotar becomes a microcosm, an isolated world that is extremely difficult to approach. The moderate unusualness (strangeness) that we want the viewer to feel subconsciously in a very realistic story and characters gives the movie a unique and original note. Visually and stylishly, the film is a mixture of "Fargo" Brothers Coen, "Nebraska" Alexander Payne and "Drive" by Nicolas Winding Refna.
"Goran" had his world premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, where Franjo Dijak won the Cheval Noir Award for Best Actress, in competition with Mel Gibson. The film that many people call the Croatian "Fargom", in which Skandivian and Mediterranean are united, will surely delight and surprise the Croatian audience due to a shocking breakdown. As it was at the premiere, see the photo gallery: