Unseen, original and intriguing - comments from the first visitors / travelers through the sensational journey "The Best Place for a blind date" in the Tiflolo Museum. The "blind date" paradigm served to the authors of the exhibition Morani Vouk and Igor Maroević, curators of the Tiflolo Museum, as the starting point for this virtual adventure.

-The first part of this trip is tied to the Dark Room, whose purpose and purpose is to spell the state of the wretched, while the Dark Room and the Multi-Room Room. Namely, a visitor can get an approximate idea of ​​how it is to be blind only if it is brought to a situation where it has to come without visual information. At the same time he / she must / must awaken all remaining senses (touch, hearing, taste, and flair). In this way it also indirectly works in the direction of sensitizing visually impaired visually impaired persons, but also towards persons with different types of disability, said Morana Vouk.

- The highlight of the exhibition / travel is the universal virtuality that is present in all segments of life. To the question of whether it is virtually real or unreal, people who spend their real time in the virtual space respond differently: Reality is real and virtually unreal; although virtual things happen in real life. Virtual is a parallel reality. Reality is often incorrect. The conclusion could be that something, virtual or real, is really to the extent that someone is healthy in it, what is the ability of judgment, self-determination, and self-awareness. That's why we decided to play by creating real virtuality, as opposed to virtual reality, added Igor Maroević.

In the second part of the exhibition there is a virtual connection with the Museum of interrupted connections, and the physical / tactile link between the two museums is located in the Museum of interrupted connections.
"We are happy and proud that they came to us from the Tiflolo Museum and initiated this cooperation. This is an exhibition based on experiences and emotions, and this is what the Museum of Interrupted Relationships is based on. Through the conversation we came to the conclusion that we often use phrases like "Love is blind" and we tried to find stories that through such phrases show how blindness is used as a metaphor in love, said Ivana Družetić, collection manager and traveling exhibitions at the Museum of Interrupted Connections.

Visitors can also watch the documentary "Love Is not Blind" by the director of Višnja Biti, created by 2004. produced by the Croatian Film Association, which tells the story of people who treated Cuba as blind people and fell in love.

-Film absolutely corresponds to the idea of ​​the exhibition and through all three elements. What is perhaps the most beautiful thing is that, even though it has been more than a decade since the very beginning of the film, he has been able to convey the most important message today: the man is best seen by heart. In this respect, the film, as well as this exhibition, is timely, said Vera Robic-Škarica, a film producer.
Borut Mihalic participated in the creation of fragrant virtual reality, and the producer of the exhibition was Borna Saturday.

You can visit the exhibition up to 31. January, also during the Night of the Museum, 27. January.