Concert Marko Tolja Quartet, all Advent visitors at Klovićeva Dvori will be in the best way possible in Badnje jutro.

On Friday, 23. December, Marko Tolja will bring the spell of Christmas to Plate Gradec two days before the holiday season. Pop, swing and jazz singer and winner of many Poros with its beautiful vocals will surely enhance the atmosphere of this inevitable Advent on the Upper Town, which with its entertainment program and an interesting gastronomic offer from week to week attracts more and more guests.



With excellent entertainment, children's and show programs accompanied by the praised 11 caterer, Advent at Klović's Court can also boast of the most fun "spit" in the city. And this Saturday, 24. December, on a plateau above Zagreb with the most beautiful view of the city, a live DJ program spice up the Christmas Eve and cheer everyone present at a great party on Christmas Eve.

The last week of Advent at Klovićeva Dvori, all visitors are expecting a host of events. While in the upcoming week's atmosphere warm up bands Jam Buckett, Vince & Jules and Junglecats, the day before the closing of the advent, 30. December, on the stage at the Gradec plateau, everyone present will greet the Gretta group. For those interested in cultural events, the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery continues to open two exhibitions - the Retrospective Exhibition of Ignjata Joba and the ALU Zagreb students' exhibition, and the youngest will be most delighted by the well-known ice rink in Atria, Art Nouveau 27. and 29. December and the creative workshop "Dinki" of the 28 Entertainment Laboratory. December