"There is a charisma of Elvis," "He is one of the greatest stars in the world," are just some of the commentaries of critics in newspapers such as The Washington Post and the New York Times about a brilliant Dutch violinist and conductor André Rieu. The founder of the megapopular Johann Strauss Orchestra after the series of concerts in South America, Australia and Western Europe will for the first time visit Croatia as well.

The famous artist at the Zagreb Arena will perform 15. June. 2017, and tickets for this spectacle are on sale from Friday, 23. December 2016. in 9 hours. They can be purchased at Eventim or at its official website www.andrerieu.com, and ticket prices range from 290.

Virtuoso on the violin and his rich career conductor has sold more than a million 40 albums, his performance in the 600.000 fans year, and is special because he has the largest private orchestra in the world. "Modern Johann Strauss" is internationally known as the "King of Welter" or, as Rieu's friends and overseas media are often called, "Mel Gibson on the Violin" because he looks like a Hollywood dresser.

"They do not mind me comparing me either, because I'm still emotionally the most important thing in the world. I think decisions should be made in my heart, not head. People often ask me how to choose the music I play, but that's the point of intuition. I love Johanna Strauss but Bruce Springsteen also delights me at the same time. We have to cease limiting not only in music, but also in life, "André said.

With his famous orchestra, which is at the beginning of 1988. had only 12 musicians, and now has them up to 150, he has performed in more than 36 countries on six continents. His repertoire consists of the largest film, opera, pop, rock hits as well as those in the musical and of course the most beautiful waltzes. The Dutch artist also devotes great attention to scenography. So on tour seven years ago on stage had a replica of Sissy's castle.
- That's the craziest thing I've ever done. We made a replica of each room and it looked like a fairy tale. It cost me so much that I was almost bankrupt, but I never regretted - he told Rie how much he invested in his career.

André's maestral performances are even worshiped by Hollywood stars. The famous Rieu was, on the album of 2011 "And The Waltz Goes On", a waltz written by Sir Anthony Hopkins. Wicked actor waltz was written by 1964. Rieu agreed to join him when the actor's wife, or a fervent admirer of the famous violinist, was listening to him.

He has now had more than 30 albums that ended up as a number of 1 World Lists and all worked in his studio at Maastricht Castle, where he lives. That is the world caliber musician also tells the fact that he is running his live open-air concert home in Maastricht 2015. In the 460 British Cinemas, the first day at the box office exceeded a million pounds of earnings, surpassing the One Direction and Take That movies. In her happy marriage she has more than 40 years, has two sons and five grandchildren, and besides the family, she is most proud of her 300 years of old Stradivarius violin with only 400 in the world.

The Dutchman and his orchestral world show have finally decided to show it to the Croatian audience, and as it looks and sounds live, 15 will be able to see. June at the Zagreb Arena.