The new year begins with a great international exhibition of graphic design and visual communication. As part of the Zgrafa 12 program we will be presenting Exhibitions Revija and Tema and a student exhibition, a rich program of workshops and lectures Eduzgraf and a film program, and we will finish with the Design in Practice conference.


The official opening of Zgrafa 12 is scheduled for 9.1.2017. in 19.00, and the award ceremony of the International Jury of Zgrafa 12 is on Saturday 14.1.2017. in 20.00 lessons at Laubi - a home for people and art.
International Jury 12. The editions of Zgrafa include: Sanja Rocco, Jianping He, Rick Poynor, Radovan Jenko and Vaughan Oliver.

In addition to Revision and Theme, as part of the Zgrafa 12 exhibition program in the ULUPUH 16.1 gallery. 2017. 19 opens the Grand Prix 11 exhibition - an independent retrospective exhibition of Swiss design studio Peng Peng (Klaus Fromherz and Martin Geel).


Workshop Maja Kolar and Maše Poljanec "MoF * - the Future of the Future" is filled! I still get to apply for the workshop, Dr. Barbara Posted etc. Petre Černe Oven "Death in design: This or anything else - a sprint to the last breath" and seminar "A brief introduction to the history of local graphic design and visual communication 1945.- 1990. "Guided by Dejan Kršić. Applications for all workshops by mail to


If you have the time you want to make productive, creative and entertaining, and learn something new, we have a suggestion for you - join this year's Zgrafa 12 organizational team. Within the Zgrafa 12 organization, volunteers will have the opportunity to collaborate on the exhibition, opening and award organization, participate in numerous workshops and lectures by our local and foreign guests, and an interesting all-day and evening entertainment program. Applications are open to 2.1.2017, and send them by email to Read more ...


Erasmus + project Practicing Design is a collaborative venture of three European professional design organizations: the Croatian Design Association (Croatia), the organization designaustria (Austria) and the Public Room (Macedonia) organization; two educational institutions: VERN 'Veleučilište (Croatia) and the Faculty of Arts and Design (European University of the Republic of Macedonia) and two companies: Prostoria doo (Croatia) and Zavar doo (Macedonia). The aim of the project is to discover new and innovative design education practices for bridging the gap between education and professional designers' work and improving the design skills needed for better socio-economic results. The first day of the conference was organized in the form of a discussion and panel discussion of participants involved in the pilot program that has been running over the last few months, while the second day of the conference is open to the general public and focuses on opening the theme of informal education in design, design in the general education and the future of design education, with an emphasis on regional practices. On the first day, 20.1.2017., The conference is organized in the form of debate and panel discussion participants involved in the pilot program, while the second day of the conference, 21.1.2017., Open to the public and focused on the opening theme of non-formal education in design, design in general education and future design education, with an emphasis on regional practices.

Zgraf 12 was realized by ULUPUH, and Zgrafa 12 is monitored at