1 Srebrnjak Children's Hospital. October expands its medical services to one-day pediatric surgery in newly decorated areas with state-of-the-art equipment.

The conditions for review, reception and operation will be maximally adapted to children who will be able to order quickly without waiting for a review and the term of the operation. They will have a permanent escort of their parents and stay in a comfortable area, and the home will be able to return the same day after surgery.

The one-day Pediatric Surgery Department in Srebrnjak covers around 400 square meters of new premises, including rooms for reception and postoperative accommodation and operating rooms. Decoration and equipping amounted to 4,5 million, and was mostly financed by the hospital owner, City of Zagreb.

Newly-built halls are fully equipped for more complicated procedures, and will be performed by professional and professional staff dealing with pediatric surgery and otorinolaringology for more than 15 years.

Child Surgery and Otorhinolaryngology

There will be one-day pediatric surgery such as stomach and sphincter surgery, unpublished testicles, phimosis, etc., and otorhinolaryngological interventions such as sinus surgery, tonsils, adenoid vegetation, ear correction, etc.

Acceptance and treatment of patients will be conducted through world standardized protocols and children will be operated by Head of Department of Pediatric Surgery Maša Hrelec Patrlj and Head of Department of Otorhinolaryngology Srđan Ante Anzić.

"One-day surgery is a trend everywhere in the world, but in Croatia it has not yet come to life. Our hospital is moving with a project to enable Croatian children to make as short, painless and simpler surgical treatment as possible, with a safe and relaxed stay in the hospital, "said Hini Hospital Director Boro Nogalo.

Hrelec Patrlj points out that one day's Srebrnjak children's surgery will be carried out according to internationally recognized standards, which are often ignored when introducing new work processes.

"Most of the surgical interventions performed on children in developed countries have been performing for the last fifteen years according to the principles of one-day surgery. Our Ministry of Health has recognized the importance of daily hospitals and one-day surgery as an important goal in the care of children, and encourages every initiative that goes in this direction, and we receive similar support from the Croatian Health Insurance Institute, "says Hrelec Patr.

Anzic points out that in recent years, as standard of otorhinolaryngologic examinations, the upper respiratory encephalopathy has been introduced, without which the lower respiratory tract pathology can not be solved. With the new program, we will try to resolve everything in our hospital, as part of one-day surgery, without hospitalization, he added.

There are currently about 300 children in waiting list, which will be from 1. begin ordering operations in October.

Parents always with their children

Anesthesiologist Tatjana Savić Jovanovic emphasizes that the parents will be present from entering the hospital and receiving, entering the operating room, and then when the child wakes up after surgery. Little patients will not have the feeling that they are abandoned, which is often the most difficult to fall if they are staying in a nursing home.

"The permanent humanization of the hospital is our imperative. In this space, with your parents and your favorite toys, the child should not feel any fear or discomfort. It is important that children leave the hospital without any negative experiences, "says Director Nogalo.

The Srebrnjak Children's Hospital receives patients from all over Croatia, and every child will be treated professionally. If the criteria for one-day surgery are not met, the child will be able to stay with the parent at the hospital after the operation, says Hrelec Patrl.

Director Nogalo says that the small patients and their parents will be welcomed by the cordial staff, the new department, numerous toys and at the end of the day - the "Diploma for Courage".

Applying the experience of developed countries, we have implemented new diagnostic and therapeutic standards, primarily based on highly educated teams (physicians, instrumentalists, anesthesiologists, medical surgeons, work therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists) who, besides expertise, provide children with warmth and safety, says Nogalo.

A new step in the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital is just one of the stages of strategic development that will realize its full realization by building a new Center of Competence for Translation Medicine, 18.000 Square Meters, and will be funded from EU funds. The start of construction is planned in the first half of next year.

writes: Vedrana Larva