01.02.2009., Arena Hall, Zagreb, Croatia - Croatia and France have played the final gold medal at the World Handball Championship. With France, Croatia played one final, and that was the 1995 g. On Iceland, which was lost. Police watch out for fans Photo: Marko Lukunic / Vecernji list

The terrorist attack in Berlin, where life lost 12 people and 48 was hurt, raised the level of security in European countries. In Croatia, security has been raised to the third level, which is what Zeljko Cvrtil's former Chief of Criminal Police explained to Dalje.com.

"The third level of security means we have more policemen in uniform, and probably in civilian homes, especially in places where more people gather - in shopping malls, squares, streets, and places where public gatherings have been reported. This also means blocking points, increased border controls and the like. Of course, all these are accompanied by security services that are increasingly active in collecting information with the aim of obtaining timely information on how to prepare a terrorist act at some point in time - clarifies cvrtila.

Although most security experts agree that Croatia does not face imminent threat of terrorist attacks, raising security is a standard measure when a terrorist attack occurs in one of the European countries. It was the same thing, let's remember, even after the attack on Paris, as well as those in Nice.

- I think that Croatia is still at a low or mid-level risk of terrorist attacks, because we are not an international factor in the conflicts in the Middle East because we have good relations with our Muslim community and because we are extremely human set to refugees. What makes us risky is that we are a member of the European Union, a member of NATO, and there is a big border with Bosnia and Herzegovina where elements of extremism are still being noted - he warned cvrtila adding that terrorism as happened in Nice and now in Berlin is very difficult to prevent.

- Raising the level of security in essence can not prevent terrorist attacks as in Berlin. This could be prevented by strong technical means and obstacles such as Germany - imposes concrete obstacles that can no longer drive vehicles to the gatherings of a large number of people. So if we were to prevent entry to those explosive areas, we would have to have explosives at the entrances, which is very difficult to do. At the entrance to a shopping center or hall this can still be done, but in large areas such as streets and squares it is almost impossible.

There is no danger of attack in Croatia

On the Croatian portals, there are also photographs showing the police officers in their uniforms with the dogs walking through the advent of homes in Zagreb. It's all part of that "third degree of security," explains our interlocutor and says that we will, unfortunately, have to get used to such images.

"The fact is, however, that there is no information in the Croatian security intelligence system that anybody here plans a terrorist attack because such information exists - we would have a higher level of security. But we have to reconcile with the time we live, with constraints and risk, which means a kind of fencing, turning cities into bunkers - concludes Željko Cvrtila.