While in the very center of Zagreb there is literally going to be a competition whose decoration on Advent will attract more attention, the damn jelly on the Kvaternik Square can only provoke compassion.

In Klovićeva Dvori are regularly held concerts and the selection of the most beautiful photos overlooking the center of the city and have unusual delicacies, Strossmayer Square is also impeccably decorated in the Christmas spirit, Trg Ban Josip Jelačić trimmed decorations, houses with delicacies are on every corner, and Zrinjevac Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, with an occasional program for children and adults.

Below the marks on Kvaternik Square is the inscription "a circle of Croatian advents' customs", so we wonder what the author was about to say. It is a disadvantage that even popular Kvatrić did not include a bit more in decorating "the most beautiful Advent City".

Although some media photographs of this symbol were released a few days ago, on the Facebook group 'It's Zagreb' citizens continue to publish their photos, beside the mark, a peaceful education was held.