21. January at the Kutija Šibica Arena in Zagreb will host a martial arts show "Munja Fighting Championship - MFC", announced by legendary fighter Bob Sapp
Immediately after the end of the biggest Malaysian tournament "Kutija Šibica" and Snow Queen Trophy in Sljeme, Zagreb is expecting another sport spectacle. Namely, 21. January, the Zagreb Kutija Šibica Hall will host the Martial Arts MMA Spectacle "Munja Fighting Championship - MFC".

The Munka Fighting Championship - The MFC will have one night in the 10 fight of top Croatian and regional MMA fighters under strict MMA rules. In addition to the MMA combat, this martial art will also feature extra interesting martial arts such as knight costumes and the arrival of the martial legend Bob Sappa.

Legendary fighter Robert Malcom Sapp Jr. known as Bob Sapp at the Zagreb MFC show, arrives as host to the MFC evening at the Kutija Šibica hall, and his arrival has already announced to all fans of MMA fighting with the message: "The Beasts are coming!" with the promise to personally promise to make an unforgettable show in Zagreb. American professional wrestler, actor, comedian and former US football player, first known for his kickbox and MMA career. Although his martial career ended, Sapp is still a big fan of the public and the media, and in recent years he has been heavily involved in numerous television projects and as a promoter of MMA fighting around the world. And his stay in Zagreb as well as the performance at the MFC night will be followed by several American and Japanese TV teams for the entire time.

The MFC plans to 2017. Four martial arts spectacles with top domestic and international fighters, and for every spectacle hosted by the tournament, will be one of the world renowned MMA fighters.

Fight 21. The January Kutija šibica hall starts at 20 hours, and tickets for this spectacle at a price of 100 to 1000 kuna are available for sale from the following week at www.entrio.hr. Free sale for this spectacle in the first round of sales will be around the 1000 ticket.