On Friday, 23. December, as part of Polish movie nights at 19: 30 will be screened by Andrzeja Wajde of 2009. year "Tatars".

Starring: Krystyna Janda (Marta), Pawel Szajda (Bogus), Jan Englert (Doctor) Contents:
Medieval Martha (Krystyna Janda), a doctor's wife in a small town, does not know that she is in the final stage of a serious illness. One day he meets a considerably younger Goddess (Paweł Szajda) who fascinates with his youth and simplicity. Their innocent encounters on the banks of the river, marked by a double fascination, are interrupted by the sudden cruel fate of destiny (destiny turnaround?).

In addition to many festival nominations, the film won the European Film Critics Prize and Alfred Bauer Award in Berlin, 2009.

The film features Croatian subtitles, and the program is realized by HFS in cooperation with Polish association Mikolaj Kopernik.
The ticket is 10 kuna, members of the Film Program enter.