On the occasion of forthcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, Milan City Mayor Milan Bandic sends congratulations to fellow citizens and fellow citizens:

-Great Zagrepčanka and dear Zagrepčani,

sincerely and thank you for Christmas, a feast of peace and family communion, a feast of hope and joy!

Christmas is the best in us and encourages us to solidarity with our neighbors, to the joy of giving that we enrich our own life, it radiates with faith and optimism, brings joy to our hearts and our homes.

Sharing, understanding, solidarity and tolerance make the Christmas atmosphere we need throughout the year and which depends on each of us, our readiness to work boldly and optimistically on the common future of our country and our city and for a better life for all of us.

In that spirit and these thoughts, dear fellow citizens and dear fellow citizens, I congratulate you for Christmas and wish you good health, plenty of happiness and joy in the new 2017. Milan Bandic.

Mayor Bandic also congratulated Cardinal Josip Bozanić, archbishop of the Zagreb Archdiocese and the Apostolic Nuncio in the Republic of Croatia HEE. Msgr. Alessandru D'Ericco.