County of Zagreb County Stjepan Kožić signed scholarship contracts for the 2016./2017 school year. with 50 new scholarships. Scholarships in the amount of 500 per month were received by 30 students, while 20 students received scholarships in the amount of 1.000 HRK.

In addition to the annual scholarships, the Zagreb County has also awarded 30 one-time scholarships this year, which for 18 pupils are awarded by 3.000 kuna and for 12 students by 5.000 kuna.
The scholarship continues to receive 58 students and 84 students who have met the requirements for continuing scholarships, which means that the Zagreb County scholarship will be awarded in the 2016./2017 school year. receive a total of 192 scholarships. For this purpose, the county of Zagreb will allocate the 2.350.000,00 kuna.

From 30 this year's scholarships for students was awarded, according to the criterion of excellence of the 10 scholarship, and of which 3 for musical direction. According to the social criterion, 20 scholarships were awarded, of which 8 scholarships for deficient professions such as autolimar, locksmith, waiter, fasader, porter, stacker, turner, mason etc.

From 20 scholarships to students, 10 scholarships were awarded according to the criterion of excellence, of which 3 scholarships for the interest of musical direction, and according to the social criterion was awarded the 10 scholarship.

"It is my pleasure that we will again conclude this year as the county with the highest investments in education, and next year we plan to invest almost 40 of the budget in education, culture and sports. This is about the total amount of 132.784.995,00 kn, of which about 47,5 million is reserved for capital construction in school - which is the largest amount planned for this purpose in the Zagreb County so far - said the county's county chief Stjepan Kožić.

He sent out his sincere congratulations to new scholars as well as to all those who met the conditions for continuing scholarships. -Dragi scholarships, knowledge is something that no one can take away from you. Therefore, stay as valuable and smart as the pride of your parents, family, teachers and the Zagreb County, where you will continue to be supported in the future - Kožić concluded, javno reports.