The Christmas Eve is a busy day because preparations for a holiday celebration are usually done at the last hour. If you find yourself in the afternoons of Bats in the wider center of Zagreb, between buying gifts, searching for the most beautiful fairytale and racing to the best Christmas purse, come relax and relax on the Market in Martićevo. Featuring boiled wine, homemade brandy and delicious snacks, the well-being of 12 to 16 h will be taken care of by DJ Vanja Nikolić, who is equally fond of contemporary dance and pop-rock sounds.

In the interior design of the Croatian Design Superstore, the 12 Hour will begin an Unusual Day with @MajaiKruh, which will work in its nomadic bakery with bread and roasted and apple pie, the organizers will also host Strudlmania and Laganel - the chefs of the finest strudels and light cakes hard to resist .

The organizers have also prepared an evening program for everyone who, after having lunch, Christmas tree and Christmas party Christmas, loves to meet in the street, surrounded by the city's holiday atmosphere. In 20 hours, you can share the good wishes with your fellow citizens and friends on the wonderful Share the Light art program. Every visitor will get a candle, and the flame will come with good wishes, send from person to person.

Martić will then, from 20: 15 h to 4 in the morning, warm up the melodies and rhythms that DJ Pill Jackson and Filip Eterovic (a member of the CFSN team and one of the organizers of the Illectricity Festival) will broadcast with a mix of pulp. This is about MTV UP's program atmosphere to complement the projections of VJ Ines Kesić alias VJetar. Since the food and drinks will not fail, everything is ready for the urban holiday atmosphere.