On the humanitarian concert last night Show love - watch your heart to help the users of the Center for Education Vinko Bek in Zagreb, held under the patronage of President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, 15 917 invited the audience and listeners and collected a total of 79 585 kuna without VAT, or 99 481 kuna with VAT included.

The Humanitarian Action at the Concert Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb organized the Rotary Club Zagreb 1242 in cooperation with the Zagreb Philharmonic and with the support of Croatian Radio Television. Under the guidance of Master Veton Marevica, the Zagreb Philharmonic, the cello duo 2Cellos and the pianist Mia Pečnik, the Dnieper's Choir Stars Baroness Leon Košavić and tenor Damir Kedžo, and the concert was broadcast directly on the Croatian Television's First Program, the Second Radio Program of Croatia and the HRTi Multimedia Service.

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Numerous politicians, athletes, musicians and actors joined the action. Minister Nada Murganić, Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić, Croatian President Tomislav Madžar, State Secretary Margareta Mađerić and Zvonko Milas, Anka Mrak Taritaš, Head of the Zagreb City Office for Education Ivica Lovrić, Sandra Perković and Gordan Kožulj , actress Marija Borić, designer Aleksandra Dojčinović and many others.

By buying tickets for the concert, calling the humanitarian number 060 9004 and paying the giro account of citizens and companies action, they helped raise funds needed for adapting and equipping the cabinet for sensory integration of the Center for Education Vinko Bek.

Sensory integration is the way in which the brain processes the information it receives through the senses, and the sensory integration disorder occurs when the brain and the nervous system can not adequately integrate sensible information, leading to difficulties in perception, behavior and learning.

Action continues to 15. February, by when will citizens call on 060 9004 to be able to help blind and weak-minded residents Center Vinko Bek, donating five kunas per call.