- From 24.12. children can sneeze on the meadow on Cmroak and I believe they will be very happy about it - said mayor Milan Bandić on the spot, adding that they wanted to make the meadow a week ago but they did not allow weather conditions.

"For now, the whole meadow is not covered by snow, but you can expect it during the next week," the mayor added.

As the ski slope manager and slalom Igor Žiljak pointed at the Cmroak meadow in 20 trucks, the 300 snow cube was taken from Upper Bistra.

An entrance to the Grič tunnel from Radić's 19 was opened

Mayor Bandic also with his associates and a representative of the tenant Mr. Šimunić visited the part of the tunnel Grič, entering from Radić's 19, which has not been open so far.

As we have heard, an agreement has been reached between the tenants and the City and from now on this part of the tunnel will be open to the public, "says zagreb.hr.