It took time for the Zagreb Pride to become almost normal for every year. Graceful moments have been accepted by the citizens and these incidents have been minimized. The Ministry of Culture has so far supported the Zagreb Pride, or the Ponor Bridge, but nowadays, with the controversial Minister Hasanbegović Prideovci, left without financial or any other support from the Ministry. On that occasion, the Zagreb Pride was broadcasted and their announcement was transmitted in full:

- We are informing the public, especially all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transpersonal, interspersonal and queer people and our supporters and supporters, that the Ministry of Culture has failed to allocate funds from the Public Demand Program to the Ministry of Culture, following the ideological staffing of former Minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic culture in 2017. to organize 16. A series of pride and accompanying cultural and public events known as the Moon of Pride. This is the first time since Zagreb Pride announces an event of public interest in culture - the pride of pride and cultural content that precedes it - that our long-term support and support, the Ministry of Culture, denying support.

So far, the Ministry of Culture has been supporting Symbolic Support between the 10 and the 20 Thousands of Kuna for years, which is the sixth, ie a third of the total budget for the Povorka and the Pride Week, while the rest of the income is the City of Zagreb and the donations of citizens and citizens. Such a balanced budget makes the Pride of Pride and Side Events Sustainable, Open and Free for Everyone.

For 16. We plan to expand the content for the LGBTIQ community and instead of the Pride Week to organize the Moon of Pride, which is also a rare opportunity for LGBTIQ people, supporters and supporters to come into contact with the cultural content of the LGBTIQ themes. Moon of Pride 2017. will last from 17. May (International Day of Combating Homophobia and Transphobia) to 10. June 2017. when 16 will be held. A passage of pride. In this period, numerous cultural, public, artistic, performance and activist activities of public interest and needs for the LGBTIQ community will be held. These contents are supported and visited by a larger number of people than the number of votes Zlatko Hasanbegović won in all elections.

From the plane it is apparent that the denial of this symbolic support from the Ministry of Culture is a political pressure on Zagreb Pride, which last year opened and fearlessly criticized and condemned the moves of the former minister of culture. Furthermore, it is apparent from the results of the competition that no other LGBT content of public interest for the LGBTIQ community has received any incentives from the Ministry of Culture, suggesting an attempt by the former minister of culture that LGBTIQ people should be removed from the public and made us invisible.

We will continue to stand for the defense of the rights, honor and dignity of LGBTIQ people of Zagreb and Croatia and this decision can not stop us. As long as a lot of people behind us will be Prajda, whoever is in charge of the Ministry of Culture. See you on the Moon of Pride and the 10 Pride. June 2017., anti-fascist like all the years till now !, they say from Zagreb Pride.