Tesla Power House invites you to the most electrified dance new year's rehearsal directed by Tesla's DJs. In the epicenter of the event, Tesla is a great choice for a New Year party. Great dance music, Finger Food by Basta and a limited number of people guarantee a pleasant atmosphere.

From Tesla are invited to make new year's decisions with Tesla's offer:

- HIGH STOL (4 persons) - 300 per person includes: 2 bottles of hot drinks + juices or 1200kn on a high table

- SEVEN TABLE (4 persons) - 300 per person includes: 2 bottles of hot drinks + juices or 1200kn on a high table

- ONLY ENTRY: 50KN with a drink of good taste

Reservations and other information about download / purchase of tickets can be obtained on phone numbers: 091 6196 186

The great atmosphere in Tesla was also for the Bad Evening. For the third year in a row, Fria held a Christmas concert that will be remembered for a long time. The solemn atmosphere, the energy of love and communion, was dominated by the Tesla Power House concept bar, which once again became a favorite place for the celebration of the Badgy. Hundreds of cheerful Zagrepčani and their guests singing hits like Miss You, Do You Love Sin, You Need Me And Many Other Popular Quartet Performances That Sangled And Numerous Christmas Songs.



Shortly after the birthday celebration, Tesla turned out to be a favorite place in Zagreb when it comes to socializing. Jelena Veljaca, Dražen Čuček, Milana Vlaović, Ana Mišečević, a former model with the Parisian address Jelena Orešković, PR Ranko Vučinić, Mate Rončević and many others joined the Tesla Veselje.


The unique interior of this bar concept is devoted to a person whose activity has changed the world, the great inventor Nikola Tesla. Original items such as a motorcycle and many others from the plant of Tesla's factory inspire all young creators and unconfirmed artists whose works are just coming. Tesla's rich celebration continues with the New Year's Eve.