Freakvention and Subscene for Theater, Performing Arts and Other Hybrids announce two performances by Irena Čurik, a multimedial performance installation of 'Pinocchio Paradox' 27.12. in the 20 lessons at the Željezničar Small Club, and the interdisciplinary dance performance of Spori Loris' 29.12. in 21 hours in Gréat.

'Pinocchio Paradox' promotes logical thinking and self-creation of paradoxes. Paradox reveals the weaknesses of our ability to judge, but also the limitations of our intellectual instruments of reasoning. The project was taken as the starting point in the only literary work of Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, the Dnevnik Seducter, who through the paradoxes explores the nature of love and bondage through the relativity of the truth offered by daily records, never exposing what is true, false, and none .

Part of Kierkegaard's life thesis is that people should be deceived in order to turn their attention to religion. His concept of 'leap of faith' means the solution to every paradox (since they lie between the aesthetic and ethical stage). Kierkegaard's philosophy rests on the underlying belief that man is constantly in uncertainty, finding himself in the 'or-or' position between alternatives that are mutually exclusive. Man is defined as 'synthesis', a synthesis of infinity and ultimate, transience and eternity, freedom and necessity, briefly as a synthesis. If a spirit relationship - and man is essentially defined as a spirit - means that it is not a fact but a task that man is to solve. Man can all but have no relationship. Thus, he points to the paradoxical situation of the man he was subjected to by the fact that he was designated as a relationship. From the Seducer's Diary: It would be important to know if a man can solve some girls in this way, to make him proud; she would ultimately make herself self-assertive that she would sit on that link. This would provide a very interesting epilogue, which could be psychological worthy of attention, and would enhance a variety of erotic experiences.


Interdisciplinary dance performance 'Slow Loris' explores the impact of speed on energy quality in the performance context. It is unbelievable that such a great mind as Albert Einstein defines the speed of light as the highest speed possible and can not come up with the idea that higher speeds of light might create if certain conditions are met. The usual sluggish lori we find in the zoo in Zagreb as an exotic and endangered species, the metaphor is a problem. Slow loris has become a sensation on the Internet over the last seven years through video channels, which has contributed to the increase in blood circulation and the illicit trade. Trading in lorixes as exotic pets and using them in traditional medicine because of the local belief that loris have supernatural powers of casting evil spirits led them to the list of the most endangered primates of today. Yet the most of them are in the woods, because scary carnivores do not run away, but they literally follow and stick to the wood. So stationary can stay up to an hour. Performances strive to achieve the attenuation of the field of attention, its absorption, the emptying and the erasing, in order to establish the link between viewing and creating meaning. The personal coloration of the 'viewed' features, which we can see as a matter of being emerging, comes from the contrast to the 'seen', and this is the presented subject. Performance is developing towards the establishment of visual harmony and dramatic harmony between the presented objects and their added meanings. 'Slow Loris' was created in collaboration with dancer Stephanie Felber and keyboard player Jurom Paunovic.

The projects were created in co-production with AKC Attack! Financially supported by the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Culture Nove.

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