Most Independent Lists on Sunday warned that the current territorial organization of Croatia is inefficient and ineffective, and has decided to abolish "politically-mounted" counties, public administration reform, depoliticization of public services and the prevention of political personnel.

MOST Independent List President Bozo Petrov said at a press conference that MOST is committed to abolishing the current "politically-mounted" counties, saying they should have a maximum of nine. Prior to rational restructuring, the county should, in its view, conduct a one-year thorough, professional, comprehensive public debate of all institutions and individuals, which with its contribution can help to find the best model for reorganizing the territorial organization. It also suggests local referendums of the population at the marginal zones for the purpose of their declaration to which territorial unit they want to belong.

Petrov pointed out that MOST is committed to depoliticizing public services and preventing political personnel, as well as to finally make the selection criteria, and then progress.

It is also concerned with the consolidation of municipalities and cities through joint institutions and services, in order to lower them, and better, more professionally and efficiently organize. "Shared specialized bodies (eg communal services, development and cooperation agencies and similar) will provide citizens with a uniform service across the entire territory of such integrated and networked self-government," he said.

Petrov holds and how the time has finally come for voters of the current parties to finally see who works and who does not, and who just promises. He believes SDP and HDZ have never had the will or courage to implement public administration reform, although they have had as pre-election promises.

Economist Ivan Lovrinović warned that, out of 20 counties plus City of Zagreb, their ten taxpayers can not maintain because they have less than 150 thousand inhabitants. In addition, twelve counties are below the national average of development, and only three of them cross that average. Also, he adds, only three counties are able to collect 50 percent of their tax revenue, while 15 can not do so.

Lovrinovic also considers some of the illogicalities that certain cities, such as Koprivnica, have larger budgets than counties themselves. "Koprivnica has a budget of about 160 million, and seven counties have a smaller budget than it," he said.

He warned that in the present territorial organization of the country there has been a multiplication of administration and bureaucracy, which is increasingly becoming its purpose. "Such territorial organization of the country is ineffective, has become an obstacle to development, becoming more and more of a goal. In addition, the territorial organization has become the key backbone of the SDP and the HDZ, which have been in power since the counties were running out of money from the state budget when they ran out of money. That then became a platform for creating clientelism, because those who do not have the money then have to listen, "Lovrinovic said.

To the journalist's question of whether MOST will go to the polls in all constituencies, Petrov said that he had this intent and called on all those whom the authorities had not been hoping for to join them. He denied talking to anybody about pre-election or post-election coalition. "There is no pre-election or post-election coalition. There are reforms that need to be implemented and only in such a way all politicians can be measured. MOST is responsible to the voters and we will do what we promised. Past parties did not trust us, because they had the intention to do so, and then all the promises from the election leaflets were spent in the works, "he said.