From the morning chat with Rajhard Seed we learn about her Amazing Park ADRIA and the Christmas Spell project, which are part of Advent at the Zagreb Fair. This singer and actress founded the Lunapark band and almost hoped for the first songwriting songs, and they are now singing their favorite music for themselves.

Hi, Sementa, it's Vedrana! ☺ You participate for the first time at Advent at the Zagreb Fair with ADRIA Amusement Park. What is Park offering, how to participate?
Hey, here after six years we have an amusement park ADRIA for all ages, both for children and for adults. Then the catering offer of salty and sweet. Weekend is a rhythm association with a horse, and we are collecting donations for children with developmental difficulties. We have performances of bands, performances such as Villa Saves Christmas. We are available every day from 11 to 22 hours to 6. January at the 10 Pavilion and the entrance is between Tepih Landa and Gastro Globusa. And Santa Claus shares sweets!

Sounds fun, that's all connected to your Christmas spell project?
So, the project is called Christmas Spells. We enjoy all over Croatia, and we also have children's choir performances.

Do you have a children's choir within the park or in agreement with somebody else? When are some of the next guest appearances?
It is about the Cvrkutić, Genijalci and Mališani Choirs from Zagreb. The guest will be 26. December, band Bailando, and for the assembly we are waiting for the answer, but it will certainly be the opera that day at the weekend. The performances are on Saturdays and Sundays at 17.30 hours. Everything is in a heated area.

What is your response to, are you satisfied?
Well we are. Vikedni is great, we wait for the school to finish, because the Amusement Park has facilities for all ages, and the kids are very happy. And of course nobody will freeze or stay hungry at us. We also have popcorn and sugar wafers and high quality boiled wine and other gastronomic offer of cafes ☺
Do you also play with your new Lunapark band?
We have not yet ☺ But I'm trying to get guys to do it. I played with my brother Giuliano ☺
What songs do you perform with your band? Do you save almost any author's work?
Jazz, bossa new and modern sevdah. Oh yes, we want something authored, we are waiting for offers ☺

Author: Vedrana Mišković
Photo: private archive, Sementa Rajhard