All those who have been welcoming the New in Tuškanac Cinema in the past five years with great movies, great music, good food and indispensable champagne, and all those who will come for the first time this 31. December at the Tuškanac cinema, they are looking forward to a cheerful companionship on the occasion of this Stare.
Film program:
21: 00 Ninočka (USA, 1939.); r Ernst Lubitsch; sc. Melchior Lengyel, Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder, Walter Reisch; f: William H. Daniels
feature, comedy, c / b, digital, 110 minutes
Starring: Greta Garbo (Nina Jakušova / Ninočka), Melvyn Douglas (Count Leon), Bela Lugosi (Razinjin)


Between the movies there is a lot of music, fine food, varied drinks and cheerful companionship. And after midnight sparkling, blow of kisses, and good wishes, the fun continues with another shaky, nasty, ridiculous movie:

00: 30 Holy Love (Saint amour, France, Belgium, 2016.); r / sc: Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern; f: Hugues Poulain
Feature film, comedy, color, digital, 101 min
Cast: Gérard Depardieu, Benoît Poelvoorde, Vincent Lacoste, Céline Sallette


Coming to the cinema is provided by 20: 00, and the first screening is in 21: 00.
The ticket for the movie reception, with the membership card of the Film Programs, is the 150 kune, for all the other 200 kings, and can be purchased at the office of the Croatian Film Association, Tuškanac 1, above the same cinema of 27. to 30. December from 11 to 17 hours.
For all queries, 4834 039 and 4848 771 phones, and mobile 091 4783700
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