The urban streetwear brand CHYPKA, which with its first appearance caused great attention by media and fashion lovers, presented its second collection as part of the showroom concept Fashion Week Zagreb / ​​Cro a Porter and the C3 Project Concept.

Combining simple and functional pieces of clothing every day with traditional handmade motifs of homemade lace, Nikola Zorotović and Tadija Glasnović, the duo behind CHYPKA brand, created a unique and authentic fashion product that impressed audiences and professionals with their first appearance.

Unsatisfactory, simple and at the same time powerful and striking, the signature of this brand, although it carries elements of Croatian culture, easily crosses the boundary and has also noted a brilliant business success in the short term. Available over the web, and recently in the C3 PROJECT CONCEPT store, Chypka is slowly and surely developing into a quality domestic brand.

With its new collection, the consistency continues in a signature that exudes unobtrusive simplicity in a few basic models, but each piece for itself has the same cultural attributes. Not surprisingly, because of the fact that many famous celebrities, athletes and promoters of urban street styles are happy to wear it.