David Bowie - Life, Melancholy and Political Economy

Tuesday, 10.01.2017, 9: 20-13: 30 @ MaMa

Numerous different reactions to David Bowie's death indicate that it requires deeper psychological, sociological and philosophical interpretations. With a distance of a year, a gathering organized at the initiative of Catherine Peović Vukovic and Katje Kolšek will try to approach this phenomenon. The uncommented list of issues to be considered includes the following questions:

- Why did Bowie cause such reactions? Is not he the artist who revealed the fundamental myth of pop culture: a myth about eternal youth? What can be said about his artistic obsessions - time and death?

Discourse on the Internet resembles the sacred life as a specific spiritual imitation. Can we rightly notice that Bowie represents a modern "spiritual preoccupation" (Geistesbeschäftigung) in which the role of the story is to introduce us into a spiritual state in which we can transform ourselves?

- Can we say that the death of celebrities makes an event in Heidegger's sense? Or is it just the case - is it just causing us to perpetuate events to disadvantage?

- There is also a psychoanalytic question of the nature of mourning. Are we right if we notice that collective mourning on the Internet refers to the form of pathology - melancholy whose foundation, as Freud has noted, in narcissism?

- Can we recognize it as an unconscious space where all inhibition is allowed, making it an ideal place to show jouissance?

- Lastly, the issue of political economy as a framework in which Bowie's death has appeared - which is the connection between political economy and mourning for celebrity resemblance is interesting? Does any of the "available on iTunes" inscriptions, recorded below any videos that fans shared in the days after the Bowie's death news, or can we ignore such details as pure coincidences?

Schedule (Tuesday, 10 January 2017.)
9: 20 - 9: 30 Introductory word
9: 30 - 9: 50 prof. dr. sc. Tatjana Jukić: "Bowie, Schrader, Tarantino"
9: 50 - 10: 10 Ph.D. Bara Kolenc: "David Bowie and Anti-Humanism: Face Construction"
10: 10 - 10: 30 Discussion

10: 30 - 10: 50 Pause

10: 50 - 11: 10 doc. dr. sc. Tomislav Brlek: "Where are we now: David Bowie and the time that remains"
11: 10 - 11: 30 doc. dr. sc. Aleksandar Mijatović: "The Sacred Star: The Political Theology of Celebrities"
11: 30 - 11: 50 Discussion

11: 50 - 12: 10 Pause

12: 10 - 12: 30 Ph.D. Katja Kolšek: "Let's think about the impossibility of David Bowie's death"
12: 30 - 12: 50 doc. dr. sc. Katarina Peović Vuković: "David Bowie - political economy of melancholy"
12: 50 - 13: 10 doc.dr.sc. Boštjan Nedoh: "From Perversion to Perversion: David Bowie and Late Capitalism"
13: 10 - 13: 30 Discussion

* The presentations will be in English