28. December at the 19.30 lessons in the Grand Hall of the Croatian Matica, Department of Theater and Film Matica hrvatska invites to the theater evening devoted to MITO O KRLEŽI on the occasion of the eponymous new book Sanje Nikčević published by Matica hrvatska.


LECTURE: Krležodula and the chaplain in the media war
or how to survive the noise still love art?
dr. sc. Sanja Nikčević
In Croatia, Miroslav Krleža has grown into a mythical figure around which the lome spears for years.
But in recent years, the clashes between the character and the work of Miroslav Krleža have culminated in the media space.
Who do you want, and who cares? Is their conflict based on poetry or politics?
Was Krleža 90 almost forbidden and the theater was neglected in Croatia?
How do those who really love Krleza pass through this conflict, and how do other Croatian writers?

Salle Salome / Recipe for Young Artist /, Monocoreodrama
Performed by Selma Mehic, mentor Maja Đurinović, UAOS.
Graduate work of a young actress for graduation at the Art Academy in Osijek
which through the movement and the word in Krležin's Salomi story recognizes a double mirror:
the mirror of a young Crown in his own Judea or a young artist's prowess
and mirrored Salome as the symbol of the "Eternal Woman" or how to dance on "the island dog".

After the program, a short talk is planned.

A promotional discount book can be purchased at the Croatian Matrix Bookstore before the promotion.