Along with the slogan "Nothing Love, Turbo Crank" Antivalentine 2 fills its line up.

The rock singers, Let3 and Psihomodo Pop, join the Slovenian NIET.

Legendary Slovenian punkers from Ljubljana performed as guests of Leta 3 at the concert for the "traditional rock band" in Torpedo and with the absolutely flamboyant play they proved to be able to stand alongside the biggest rock guides. Antivalent's program will include some performers whose announcement is just following, and this will also complete the program of this one-day rock festival.

Affordable early bird tickets for two at a price of 80 kuna can only be purchased until the end of the year. From 1.1.2017. Tickets for two people will be sold at a pre-sale price of 100 kn. The number of these tickets is limited and organizers recommend buying on time.

Also, from 1.1.2017. go for sale and individual tickets at a pre-sale price of 70 kn. On the day of the concert tickets for two will be sold at 140 kn, and singles for 90 kn.

The 2 countervalent will be held on Saturday, 11. February 2017. in the House of Sports, and the remarkable attendance of the first edition shows that there is interest in the rock spectacle that a month of love marks in a different way. And this time the stars of the evening will be LET3 to join Psihomodo Pop.

Tickets can be purchased at Dallas Records (Paromlinska 49 / 1, Zagreb), Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 18), Eventim and, and at the Dallas Music Shop in Rijeka.