Zagreb firefighters' car park is richer for eight new vehicles worth four million kuna. For the purposes of the Zagreb Fire Department, but also by voluntary firefighters, the vehicle was acquired by the City, and the keys to the fire brigade were handed over by mayor Milan Bandic.

Along with the above-mentioned eight new ones, six more redundancies have been procured, so this is the total 14 vehicle stationed in those parts of the city where the vehicle was missing.

Six new fleet of firefighters and equipment transporters got DVD Belovar, DVD Botinec, DVD Granešina, DVD Mala Mlaka, Dvd Odranski Obrež and JVP Zagreb, firefighter Šumar was assigned to DVD Vugrovec and a fire cistern DVD Horvat. Used cars, however, went to DVDs Branovec, Klara, Glavničica, Kučilovina and Vrapče.

Of course, as noted in the Public Fire Department, there is still a need to open three fire brigades, in Brezovica, Sesvete and Podsjevo, so that Zagreb could be better covered by fire brigades. We know, of course, that the arrival rate is crucial. We add to this and how the firefighters in Zagreb had this year around 2500 interventions, of which 1200 related to fires, and that was a good year, they say, because the intervention can be even more.

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