Tunel Grič
Tunel Grič

Christmas has passed, and you have passed all the advents houses? There is definitely something else that will delight you. In addition to numerous cottages, sweets and sausages, feel the holiday magic in Tunel Grič!

- Tunel Grič is, to me personally, the greatest attraction on Advent in Zagreb. Especially now when it is occasionally decorated. It is a special experience to walk through the Tunnel. Whenever I go to Advent, I walk through the Tunnel because it's really nice - says Anamarija of Trnovecica, the great admirer of Advent in Zagreb.

Walking on the Tunnel, listen to Christmas music, and the snowy ambience of the Tunnel reminds you of the holidays and snow, which this year did not annoy Zagreb for Christmas. Grič's visitors like walking with photographs. two friends from Trnsko, Ivan and Saru, the tunnel left breathless with its snowy ornaments, Christmas trees and lighting.

- Here we are here for the first time, but we are all very nice to decorate Tunel Grič was a very good idea - they concluded the girls and this touristy moment was marked with a joint photo.

Author: Vedrana Mišković

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