Martina Ipša is one of the initiators of stand up comedy in Slovenia and is one of the best Slovenian stand up comedians. He has many years of experience and numerous performances in the countries of the region and across Europe. With his humor, he laughed at the thousands of people and thus proved that women and even Slovenians make a lot of sense for it.

With its performance that is full of originality and directivity, it is popular with the audience of different profiles. In the 10 career she has performed in several countries and in Slovenia, she also plays in English and Croatian. Not only does she stand up comedy, Martina, she writes comedy for theater, has created television shows and is a regular guest of Slovenian television.

Last time the show was sold out and you came to find out why

When Martin visited us for the first time, the show was sold out to the last place, and audience impressions were more than excellent.
Now 29.12 will be performing in Croatia for the second time. with their women's show "The Womens Woman", which will be a combination of the best, the most ridiculous and of course the most ridiculous forums.

It will answer many questions:
What is the relationship between Slovenia and Croatia?
How do women think?
How to withstand a long relationship?
How is it that someone with 2x of ideal weight is so sexy?
And of course the oldest question of all time: Can anybody from Slovenia be ridiculous?

The performance will take place at 29.12. in 20.30 h, and the ticket price is 40 kn.
You can make reservations on a modern mobile phone 095 5103 129 or via mail at
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