On the occasion of Christmas holidays, Mayor Milan Bandic was cheerful with 800 gift boxes from Gunja and Vukovar.

"At this time of the year, we demonstrate fellowship, love and solidarity, and help the parts of Croatia that have been overthrown," the mayor said, adding that this is a small sign of concern that means a lot to people.
"We are lucky to be good and to show people not alone, that we are together. This is the best way to connect Croatia, says Bandic.

The mayor of the municipality of Gunja Hrvoje Lucić thanked the City of Zagreb and Mayor for having cheered the children this year, as well as for all the help they received so long after the flood.

After giving birth to children from a family of poorer social status at the Social Welfare Center in Vukovar, mayor Milan Bandic emphasized that this year, as well as last year, they came to help friends in Gunji and Vukovar.
Gunji struck by elemental disaster and Vukovar, a hero of the tragedy who is a symbol of Croatia's defense and the Croatian victorious epic in the Homeland War.
The mayor added that they are here today in a symbolic way thanking the children of Vukovar and Gunje.

- Not that great value but a sign of attention. It is important that people in this part of Croatia know that they are not alone. The same gift packages that we have distributed to children in Zagreb here today share the children of Vukovar and Gunja, emphasized Mayor Bandic.

Director of the Vukovar Social Welfare Center, Zvonimir Rogulja, thanked, as he pointed out, a wonderful gesture that will make the holidays smaller for the little ones.

The gifts were also received by the Association of Parents of Children with Developmental Problems of Vukovar Leptiri and the Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability Golubica, who thanked the Mayor for the song.

This is neither the first nor the last time that we are together, the mayor pointed out, wishing them happy holidays, "reports zagreb.hr.