Work on building the Youth Center in Samobor is coming to an end. The center will start working early next year.

After long waiting, young people in Samobor finally get space for their needs.
Construction works are being completed, while the final floor covering and the interior cleaning of the building are in progress.

Upon completion of "rough" work, the installation of the equipment required for program execution, lighting, stage illumination and video surveillance is followed.

In parallel with the performance of the works, a focus group with the young people who submit their proposals for programs to be run in the Center.

The Youth Center is conceived as a publicly available space for all young people without restriction and compensation for the purpose of a quality leisure organization, prevention of various forms of harmful behavior, learning, information and preparation for the labor market.

Within the Youth Center there is also an ice rink, which has already started this season and is gathering every day more and more people, especially children.

The slope is open every day from 9: 00 to 22: 30 hours, from 18. November to 15. February. The skating rink is available at: