The Museum of Mimara, due to the increased public interest, extends Ronald Lindgren's Art of the Glorious Spirit to 8. January 2017.

Let's remember, this is the first time that the public in Croatia presents the work of this significant Dutch painter. The retrospective shows works created in the 1938 period. to 1999. years of color dedication, a brush action, watercolor engagement, the contours indicated by inks of ink.


Portraits, landscapes, harmonious compositions of the dead nature are made with the treasures of the approach, the moment or the scene that Lindgreen observes and deeply experiences in his works. Ninety works were exhibited that reveal the artist's world of motifs combined with clear compositions.

His opinion on art was based on the history of art, philosophy and religion, and he felt that the artist was determined by the time in which he created and worked. It has the characteristics of great Dutch masters, but also of the Far East with the liking of music and poetry that play a role in its creativity.